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Brisbane, Gold Coast, Coonabarabran and Wilcannia

March 29th, 83 km

At 2.30 pm we started from Brisbane to go down to the Gold Coast for an overnight stay with Judy Dooley and Neil Tregea. They had invited us for dinner.

On our way to the Gold Coast.
On our way to the Gold Coast.

March 30th to Coonabarabran 756 km

The clock rang 04.30 am light breakfast and then departed 05.40 am. The first stop was Bangalow where we meet some other cars at 0700am. NSW daylight saving time. That is, one hour before QLD time. Hence the early start. Quick refuelling and then we set off for Tenterfield where Helen and Noel Standfast joined. We had a cup of coffee with scones. Then on in the rain to Guyra for lunch. Still in the rain to Coonabarabran, the goal of the day. Arrived at the hotel 5.45pm. Two more cars joined here.

The roads were sometimes very crooked and hilly. Our rental car had to work hard on the slopes to keep up with Healey's and, before the first refuelling, pulled over 10 litres per 100 km. The gas consumption dropped to around 7 litres per 100 km as the roads became smoother and less hilly. In the evening dinner at a Chinese restaurant near the hotel. Nice and tasty. First break for coffee in Tenterfield Heavy rain on the way up the dividing range.

March 31st Wilcannia, 649 km

Departure 08:00 am. We as the last car. The second day we are driving towards common goals. We are now in the outback. There is nothing between the farms. Lots of roadkill, both wallabies and kangaroos. We can't see the difference. The remains are located both on and at the side of the road. Those on the road are a great danger. They are always too large to run over. Tried to do it once but it slammed into the car so was just drive around. The animals are drawn to the roadside and the green grass there.

The ground is very dry and all other grass is brown. Both the driver and the co driver must keep a close watch on dead and live animals, Sheep, goats and wallabies. When trees shaded the road, it was difficult to see what is in the shade. Sometimes there was a dead animal. The soil seems red on this stretch. We took a short break at a gold mine outside Cobar. It was still in operation. However, they had gone from open cut to underground mining from the bottom of the open cut. In Cobar we refuelled and had lunch.

Goldmine open but far down an entrance to the underground. Wallaby by the road.

Today's goal was a hostel outside Wilcannia west of Cobar. For the evening it was ordered a barbeque for everyone as there was no restaurant close. It was really good and we were served by a girl from Scotland and a guy from Canada. Grilled meat and lots of other good dishes.

At the campground, wallabies hopped around and were completely fearless.

Nice dinner under the blue roof. Noel under Trevor's car this time.
Nice dinner under the blue roof.
Noel under Trevor's car this time.

It is autumn and chilly and the blue woollen jacket comes in handy. Cool in the morning 10-11 degrees but it gets around 20 degrees during the day.

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