Austin Healey Owners Club of Qld. Inc.


Our Club is run by the members for the members and the current Committee are always looking for additional support and to fill all the current positions, several of which are currently vacant.


Please contact the President if you feel that you could assist in the operation of the Club or have special talents you could offer.


Here is the current Committee and their roles.


Committee members

President & QHMC Delegate
David Baggs
Contact our President & QHMC Delegate
0418 232 827

Elected annually as President of the Club at each AGM in August.

Vice President

The Vice-President supports the President in their role and is delegated to run Club meetings in the Presidents absence among other things.

Derek McLeod
Contact our Secretary
0405 150 859

The Secretary is responsible for record keeping, preparation of Club and Committee Minutes and Correspondence.

John Benfield
Contact our Treasurer
0410 522 901

Treasurer is responsible for all Club financial aspects including membership fees and receiving regalia payments.

Events Coordinator
Brian Mallon
Contact our Events Coordinator
0412 737 164

Cordinating events for club, impromptu events and organises club meetings as far as guest speakers and meal nights are concerned

Ross Di Corleto
Contact our Membership
0409 278 935

Membership Secretary is responsible for all aspects of New Member welcoming and introduction to the club as well a maintaining the Membership Register and communicating financial status and dues.

Newsletter Editor
Alwyn Keepence
Contact our Newsletter Editor
0409 276 369

The Editor is responsible for collating, formatting, presenting and distributing the Monthly Newsletter. The Editor is ALWAYS looking for interesting content. Contact directly if you have anything to contribute.

Committee Member & National Delegate
Joe Jarick
Contact our Committee Member & National Delegate
0400 177 248

The National Delegate represents AHOCQ within the National Association and provides the 'funnel' for content to the National Austin Healey printed Magazine delivered 'quarterly' to every financial member as part of their membership fees.

Regalia Officer
Brian Mallon
Contact our Regalia Officer
0412 737 164

Responsible for the procurement and delivery of any AHOCQ regalia as shown on the Regalia page. Please contact if you want any items shown.

Committee Member
Troy Chaplin
Contact our Committee Member

A full Committee role providing assistance within the Committee whenever needed.

Committee Member
Baden Colliss
Contact our Committee Member
0420 920 769

A full Committee role providing assistance within the Committee whenever needed.

Committee Member
Darryl Bonnett
Contact our Committee Member
0422 291 840

A full Committee role providing assistance within the Committee whenever needed.

Website Manager
David Baggs
Contact our Website Manager
0418 232 827

Any issues with the website structure and general content.

Please contact Committee Members relating to individual responsibilities, e.g. Events Manager for Events, Membership for Membership enquiries etc.

Non-Committee positions

Gold Coast Coordinator
Alister Rayner
Contact our Gold Coast Coordinator
0481 141 172

Co-ordinating the Gold Coast Members typically around locally based social events.

Photo Competition Editor
Rod Shepherd
Contact our Photo Competition Editor

The AHOCQ Photo Competition runs monthly and has a monthly 'Best Photo' awarded by points assessment via a panel of independent and confidential judges. Annually the 'Photo of the Year' is awarded at the Club Christmas Party. Submissions are by email only. See Photo Competition Page for more details.

Sunshine Coast Co-ordinator
Phil MacPhail
Contact our Sunshine Coast Co-ordinator

Co-ordinating the Sunshine Coast Members typically around locally based social events.

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