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May 11th to Roma 700 km

Departure 0630 as usual. Cold only +5 degrees at lowest. Nice to sit in a tintop (covered) car. Heading a little more southwest. The sun did not rise in the roadway today. It was to the left of the road and stayed there all the time. Landscape flat and treeless. Cattle in the fields not very many sheep. Varying greenery on side of the road. After about two hours we stop in Blackhall and had a cup of coffee at the Bakery. We stood in the sun to get some warmth. Outside Blackhall there is a museum that shows how to prepare and package the wool. The machines are powered by a steam engine. Unfortunately we missed the guided walk so we drove on.

The area around Augathella was more hilly and wooded with large trees. Flat and treeless after. Around 50 km before Roma, the earth began to be used again. Cultivation of grain. The road was winding but also more varied with forest. Many dead wallabies in different sizes and in different stages of resolution.

Trees and open mixed landscape - no dull 700 km. The last day we will see the back of these three cars.
Trees and open mixed landscape - no dull 700 km.
The last day we will see the back of these three cars.

We install ourselves at the hotel and take it easy. Just before six we went to Penny and Sean and their three children's house. It's Noel and Helen's children and grandchildren. They offer drinks and snacks and dinner. Lambs from their own farm they have outside Roma. However, they live in Roma for weeks because of jobs and schooling.

May 12th in Roma sleeping morning and no driving

Woke up early as usual and heard Neil start his car and leave at 0630. Cold today too. Neil and David R drove home today Sunday. Neil wanted to go home to Judy on Sunday when she works on Mondays. The plan was to return to Brisbane or the Gold Coast tomorrow morning. We had booked this hotel one more day and wanted to stay there and take it easy before returning to Brisbane West End and Caroline.

At half past ten we went to tourist info to get some suggestions for activities. They suggest a walk to the largest bottle tree in Roma. We took the walk in the nice but cool weather. Went back the same way. Then we had a look at the little cabin at the tourist information. A simple little cottage that housed a family with nine children in the 1880s.

The story about Roma in the City hall. Very nice renovated house in Roma.
The story about Roma in the City hall.
Very nice renovated house in Roma.

We drove into the city and parked. Walked to the City Hall to see the fine wall painting/sculpture that tells the story of Roma. There was a button to press and you got the whole story told. Then we went and looked at the city's old fine buildings, which are marked on a map we got at the tourist information. Some houses are very nice.

Morning coffee in town and then lunch with Noel and Helen, David and Dianne, Peter and Jan as well as Penny and her two daughters.

This lunch marked the end of the social life that has lasted since March 30. 44 days. The last 32 we were 12 who met every evening for Sundowner and dinner. Most days we have had company on the day in combinations of people. Nice lunch and we were little sad that this trip was over and we are not going so see our friends again for a long time.

Noel got a punctured tyre in Tennant Creek and wanted to repair the spare wheel before driving to Brisbane. This means that we will not have company tomorrow. We wanted to get away before 09:30 am when the mail arrives with the tube for the spare wheel. Jan and Peter went to Dalby today. Dianne and David went to Miles's today.

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