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Coffee ‘n Cars – The Big Question

Say what you like about coffee, but it goes with cars…yes even Austin Healeys. For those of you that have to have a 'proper coffee' at least once per day but annoyingly find you have to finish it before getting back into your Healey, help is now at hand.

Personally, I'm admitting here and now in public that I am one cup a day COFFEE ADDICT and are for one, guilty of the above.

I MUST have a good flat white in the morning before work or play and go to sometimes silly lengths to get one. Hence, I found that Healey driving was incompatible with coffee drinking while driving and this was indeed, eventually, found to be unacceptable. I found I just could not tolerate only having TWO of my THREE loves in the car while driving by BJ8 (Love#2).

But I am a solutions oriented person to say the least and hence after much discussion and promulgation between Anthony my son, myself and Peter Janetzki, Peter and his son Brett were engaged to assist with this heretosofar insurmountable issue represented by the following question…


It took a while, and lots of prototypes, sheer ingenuity and lots of talent on the part of the 'Double Js' at JH Restorations, but there is now a more than admirable solution to the problem as evidenced by the photos below with my brand new COFFEE FRIENDLY STORAGE CONSOLE now firmly ensconced in our BJ8 (please ignore the remnant sunscreen on the leather below the gear stick!).

If you want to know costs, you have to talk to Peter J…We used my leather and upholstery was separate…but if you want to have Coffee in the Car at the next Coffee 'n Cars…talk to Pete.

2021 POSTSCRIPT: Apparently sunscreen and dark blue leather dont go well together!


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